Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upcoming events in Stockholm

At Kunsträdgården during A taste of Stockholm
I was so excited about the links I found that I completely forgot the original plan, give you an update on what’s going on in Stockholm the upcoming weeks. To say the least, we have quite a lot of things happening but I’ll list my favorites:

26th-27th of May
Some of the guests waiting for the race to start..
 One of the top 3 trotting races in the world, Sweden’s equivalent to Prix d’amerique or Hambletonian. Just 30 minutes away with buses leaving from central station I wouldn’t miss this for the world.


1st-6th of June 

A food festival in kungsträdgården where you can sample food from all over the world, have a glass of wine in the sun and enjoy smaller concerts. A great way to see Stockholm.

1st-6th of June 
At the starting point
Just as it says, a culinary experience!

2nd of June  
Doesn’t need an introduction does it?

6th of June, 
Swedens national day!
A day to celebrate, enjoy the oncoming summer and have fun with family and friends.

Links about Sweden Part 2

It’s always fun to read about your home country, the way someone else experience it. I try to collect links in English that I find interesting and that I believe you will as well. Enjoy!