Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swedish summer, Part one

Ok I admit, most of you have figured it out already anyway, I’m a lousy blogger.. But it’s been a very hectic summer, trying to split my time between the rental business, enjoying the Swedish summer and repainting my grandparents old house. Along the way I’ve picked up some great things to do however so I’ll communicate them right away instead of making more excuses so that you'll have some things to do next summer! 

Biggest event in June is always Midsummers, it shouldn’t be, it should be the National day 6th of June, but it isn’t. I celebrated mine partly in Leksand, famous for their huge celebrations and you can see some of it on the above You tube clipp 
If you plan to go next year, a great place to start is Siljan. They also boost a lot of other useful information about Dalarna, a nice place to be if you want to leave the bigger cities during the summer.

Photo of a Hälsingegård taken by Jakob Dahlström
In July I mostly painted the farm, looking like this in the end, very proud of myself. Luckily, it’s located in Hälsingland and something called Hälsingegårdar traditionally old farms from this region, became a world heritage according to UNESCO. This might not sound like much fun but they are truly amazing! The paintings in some of these places are just too good to be true. I got to see 3 of them and I can strongly recommend it for anyone heading this way! I found this excellent brochure just now in English for you guys to study. I can also very much recommend the website Hälsingegårdar  There are several campsites and smaller guests houses to stay at if you want to hang around for a while. 
So ther you go, two things I recommend if you are here next summer!