Monday, September 24, 2012


When walking to and from the hospital/
university everyday I get to enjoy the beautiful gardens of Uppsala. Being just a short trainride from Stockholm Uppsala is a nice daytripp, has a lot to offer in terms of Swedish history plus it's a nice town with a good atmosphere! I'll give you a proper guide later on this week, meanwhile enjoy a few pics..

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Old town right now

I Love Stockholm!!

Pictures are the new black..

well sort of.. Anyhow I'll try to use the blogger app to post pictures to give you a better idea of what we are up to here, and what there is to do. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2nd place in the FINAL!

Today was the day that we got to compete in the final of this year’s edition of student entrepreneur of the year in Sweden. With a chance of proceeding to the main event in NY, stakes were quite high to say the least, and competition was fierce..

No not at all! The other two contestants were lovely, we had a great time and it was a lot of fun to exchange ideas with other entrepreneurs.

All three finalists, Absoluteapartment, Verendus and Blåbärsgården, got to present their companies in front of a jury of 8 who then proceeded to question us, our ideas and intentions. We couldn't have had more different companies if we had tried but all of us had an unique idea, and we went for it. 
All in all, it was a great day, I learnt a lot, got some really good ideas from a few of the jury members and the presentation was very good if I may say so. I also scored a few more apartments for the rest of you to book! =)  I might also buy a few Blueberry bushes..
In the end, we winded up in second place, the winner Verendus was already doing amazingly well, the idea and the brilliant company might actually win the whole thing. I wish Dick Petersson the best of luck in NY and thank Entreprenörskapsforum for a great day!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stockholm Ghost walk, well worth it!

Picture taken from Do today
So we finally got to do the famous Ghost walk and we can certainly recommend it to anyone and everyone, perhaps not the youngest children though.

We started out at Järntorget in Old town and then followed our guide through the narrow alleys of Old town through Stockholm’s history via great battles, blood baths, diseases and whorehouses. Our guide made the old stories and legends come to life, made us jump a few times with her great approach to old murders of famous people throughout the hundreds of years of history. We were quite a big group, aged between 7 and 70 I'd say and everyone enjoyed themselves vividly. I'm sure all guides have more or less the same approach to the tour so you will not be disappointed even if you don't get our amazing guide.. =)

Since this entry was for you guys, we decided to go all in and try out one of the dinnerpackages that they offered and we winded up on Engelen. This is an old and quite famous restaurant in Old town, they do quite a lot of live bands and the guests are mainly in their forties out for a good night. 
It was a set 3 course dinner, at great value I might add, and we were not disappointed at all. In the end we stayed on for a few more drinks, enjoyed the band and had a very nice evening. 
All in all, we strongly recommend Stockholm Ghost walk and we hope that you take the opportunity to enjoy it when you are in Stockholm!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Final in the Student Entrepreneur!

Wow aren't we proud!

Absoluteapartment made it to the final of the Swedish edition of the GSEA competition for Global student entrepreneurs. This is naturally a great honor and I couldn't be happier! 
It's thanks to all of our wonderful hosts and guests that we came all this way, and I hope we will go a lot further. Our aim is as always set as high as possible so if we somehow would manage to win the Swedish edition (after all, it's only us and two other great companies left..) then we will be of for the Global Final in NY in early November. 
Keeping our fingers crossed that we will get the honor of joining the other companies over there even though we are more then happy to be top 3 in Sweden.

Best of luck to all the participants!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Stockholm Ghost walk

On friday, me and two friends are going to check out Stockholm Ghost walk that we heard so much about, I'll be sure to update you on how it all went. I'm also going to try to get some sort of cooperation with them for our guests, I'll get back to you on that as well. What they do are guided half theatrical tours through Old town, based on true stories of the famous and not so famous people who lived and mainly died here. Going to be great fun!
Picture taken from the website

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Swedish summer, Part one

Ok I admit, most of you have figured it out already anyway, I’m a lousy blogger.. But it’s been a very hectic summer, trying to split my time between the rental business, enjoying the Swedish summer and repainting my grandparents old house. Along the way I’ve picked up some great things to do however so I’ll communicate them right away instead of making more excuses so that you'll have some things to do next summer! 

Biggest event in June is always Midsummers, it shouldn’t be, it should be the National day 6th of June, but it isn’t. I celebrated mine partly in Leksand, famous for their huge celebrations and you can see some of it on the above You tube clipp 
If you plan to go next year, a great place to start is Siljan. They also boost a lot of other useful information about Dalarna, a nice place to be if you want to leave the bigger cities during the summer.

Photo of a Hälsingegård taken by Jakob Dahlström
In July I mostly painted the farm, looking like this in the end, very proud of myself. Luckily, it’s located in Hälsingland and something called Hälsingegårdar traditionally old farms from this region, became a world heritage according to UNESCO. This might not sound like much fun but they are truly amazing! The paintings in some of these places are just too good to be true. I got to see 3 of them and I can strongly recommend it for anyone heading this way! I found this excellent brochure just now in English for you guys to study. I can also very much recommend the website Hälsingegårdar  There are several campsites and smaller guests houses to stay at if you want to hang around for a while. 
So ther you go, two things I recommend if you are here next summer!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Upcoming events in Stockholm

At Kunsträdgården during A taste of Stockholm
I was so excited about the links I found that I completely forgot the original plan, give you an update on what’s going on in Stockholm the upcoming weeks. To say the least, we have quite a lot of things happening but I’ll list my favorites:

26th-27th of May
Some of the guests waiting for the race to start..
 One of the top 3 trotting races in the world, Sweden’s equivalent to Prix d’amerique or Hambletonian. Just 30 minutes away with buses leaving from central station I wouldn’t miss this for the world.


1st-6th of June 

A food festival in kungsträdgården where you can sample food from all over the world, have a glass of wine in the sun and enjoy smaller concerts. A great way to see Stockholm.

1st-6th of June 
At the starting point
Just as it says, a culinary experience!

2nd of June  
Doesn’t need an introduction does it?

6th of June, 
Swedens national day!
A day to celebrate, enjoy the oncoming summer and have fun with family and friends.

Links about Sweden Part 2

It’s always fun to read about your home country, the way someone else experience it. I try to collect links in English that I find interesting and that I believe you will as well. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

This blogpost vaccinates 95 children!

UNICEF currently has a great campaign! For everyone who posts the text in Swedish below, and pings theire blogg at Twingly, Apoteket Hjärtat, will donate 95 tetanus shots to the UNICEF vaccination campaign in Afganistan. Spread the word people, it just takes a few minutes and might save lives!

För varenda unge

"Den här bloggposten vaccinerar 95 barn Just nu söker UNICEF en hälsospecialist till konfliktområden i Afghanistan. I tjänsten ingår bland annat att massvaccinera miljontals barn mot stelkramp, polio och mässling. Jag skulle gärna ta mig an uppdraget, men eftersom jag inte kommer loss så publicerar jag den här bloggposten istället. Då vaccinerar jag nämligen 95 barn runtom i världen mot stelkramp tillsammans med Apotek Hjärtat. Det är också bra.
Jag är med UNICEF i kampen för varenda unge. Vill du också vara med och förändra barns liv? Bli Världsförälder här: För 100 kronor i månaden är du med och ser till att barn över hela världen får vaccin, medicin, rent vatten och utbildning. Har du en blogg och vill vaccinera ytterligare 95 barn? För varje bloggare som publicerar den här bloggposten mellan 16 april och 13 maj så skänker Apotek Hjärtat 95 stelkrampsvaccin. Läs mer och hämta bloggmaterial på "

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Travelling to Hua hin with Children

There are many aspect of travelling with children, safety and things to do are at the top of the question lists. We’ll try to sort it out for you! And as always, we welcome questions and ideas, just post them as comments or email us and we’ll address them a.s.a.p.We'll start with safety and get back to the things to in the next post.

First and foremost, Hua hin is a safe area, no need to be more concerned than anywhere else in the world. However, Thailand is a tropical country; there are different aspects that you might want to consider, depending on age obviously.

For the youngest, 0-2 years

It’s getting more and more common to take your maternity leave and head off for a few months to Thailand for example. Before leaving your country, make sure that you go through the vaccination program that your country is providing and that you get the necessary shots that you might want to add. Plan well ahead so that your child gets the necessary protection. 

Sun screen
This will be debated forever and ever and I will not get in the middle of it. In my view, be smart. Small children should avoid the sun. Keep them away from the sun between 11-3. The other hours, let them wear UV-blocking suits. 

If you are still breastfeeding, good for you! No need to think at all.. If your child is old enough for formula, then I would take it with me, the Thai equivalents are sweet and nasty in my opinion.. If they are old enough to eat? Well great! Let them eat Thai food! Bring a mixer or buy one if you are staying for a long time. Use common sense, obviously less spicy is a good idea, avoid the saltiest and sweetest food. If you are not sure if your child is allergic to peanuts, avoid that to. Mix it with some milk and voila!  Fruit, what a great thing. Let them eat as much as they want, yeah yeah sugar yeah yeah. Fruit, freshly grown, eaten ripe =  A lot better than the stuff you get in a nestle jar and gladly serve to your children at home.. =) One thing though, pineapple, be restrictive for the youngest. It’s a fruit that might be a bit hard for their tiny undeveloped stomached to handle. Not saying never give, saying don’t let them drink pineapple shakes 3 times a day.  Fluids are also important, they will sweat more ergo need to drink more. Bottled water is the only thing you need, readily available everywhere. When they get tired of that, give them some watermelon, lots of fluid there too.. 

For the older children
Safety will here consist of paying attention to traffic, be careful with the waves and again sunscreen. I’m not too concerned with advice for older children when it comes to safety, because it’s not much different to what it will be in your own country. One thing that I want to point out though is the water, there are strong currents at both beaches but the main beach has higher waves and also stronger currents. On a windy day, you need to be careful not to swim too far out or even walk too far out. At the beaches you also have jet skis, banana boats and parasails. You need to pay attention to those to, jet skis for example apart from being involved in several scams, they are also often drive way to fast and if you are out swimming, your head might not be to visible for an oncoming jet ski.
If you happen to be in accident and need medical attention
Hua hin offers good hospital care and as a tourist I would go to either  Bangkok Hospital or San Paolo hospital.  Both offer good care, I’d say that Bangkok hospital is a bit more specialized and would be my first choice if it’s something serious, but for normal care (cuts, smaller car accidents etc). I’d use San Paulo. There are also several other options, policlinics, Red Cross and many many more but as I said, the 2 above is the first choice. 

Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin
Tel: 032 616 800
Theire webpage

Sao Paolo
Tel: 032 532576-85

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Getting around Stockholm

When you are a temporary visitor in a city, transportation is essential to be able to explore it to its limits. First part is getting from the airport to town and depending on the airport you have a few different options


You essentially have three ways of getting from the airport to your destination. What might surprise you is that Taxi is usually the cheapest solution but it depends on how many you are, where you are going etc.

Readily available outside the terminal at Arlanda they drive on fixed prices to any destination in central Stockholm. The prices vary a bit depending on the company but should all be around 470-500SEK and the price should be written on the outside of the car. Don't ever go by meter, the prices are fixed! If you are more than 4 persons you might want to consider preordering a large taxi that takes up to 8 people, ask your host to help you with this.

Arlanda express
The fastest and most environmental friendly way of getting to central Stockholm. It takes about 20 min to get to central station and the trains run all the time. Unfortunately it's expensive so usually it doesn't make sense if you are more then 2 persons but there are exceptions. Usually they have a weekend special where you can go 2 adults for less and a summer special where children go for free etc. Problem is that once you hit central station you will still probably want to take a taxi to your destination.. However, if you are going to Arlanda during rush hour, this is unbeatable! To see the current prices please check out their webpage where you can also buy tickets in advance: Arlanda express

Airport busses
The cheapest way of getting to central station. It takes quite a lot longer then a taxi due to all the stops and they don't run as often as the trains but is a cheap way of traveling. Again, you will however be dropped off at central station and have to make your way from there to your destination. For prices and schedule, check out their webpage: Airport busses

From Skavsta

First things first, Skavsta is quite a long way from Stockholm, despite what Ryan air says, so don't be surprised if the journey takes a while. From here I would only really recommend travelling by bus. A taxi is ridiculously expensive so this is a big no no if I were you.

Airport busses
The busses matches all arrivals/departures so you rarely have to wait for it. A good idea is to buy a 2 way ticket right away since it's cheaper and it saves you the hassle of doing it twice. For schedules, prices and more, check out theire webpage: Airport busses

Around Stockholm

Public transportation in Stockholm is really good if you don't happen to be here during the winter when the occasional snowstorm brings everything to a stop.. It's run by SL and if you are here for a few days you can get a visitors pass that are good value. When you get a pass you can go on the commuter trains, the metro, all the busses and trams plus a few boats so it's a really good idea. SL has got a good visitor's page that you can reach from here: Public transportation in Stockholm

Stockholm City bikes or as they are more commonly known: "Alvedoncykel"
The advil bikes.. Yes, sponsored by the Swedish version of Advil, these bikes are readily available all over Stockholm. They are cheap, really smart way of getting around and good for the environment. Pick up a bike at one stand, drop it of at another, never have to worry about locking up your bike or where to store it at night. Join the movement! See their webpage for prices and more info: Stockholm City bikes