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Travelling to Hua hin with Children

There are many aspect of travelling with children, safety and things to do are at the top of the question lists. We’ll try to sort it out for you! And as always, we welcome questions and ideas, just post them as comments or email us and we’ll address them a.s.a.p.We'll start with safety and get back to the things to in the next post.

First and foremost, Hua hin is a safe area, no need to be more concerned than anywhere else in the world. However, Thailand is a tropical country; there are different aspects that you might want to consider, depending on age obviously.

For the youngest, 0-2 years

It’s getting more and more common to take your maternity leave and head off for a few months to Thailand for example. Before leaving your country, make sure that you go through the vaccination program that your country is providing and that you get the necessary shots that you might want to add. Plan well ahead so that your child gets the necessary protection. 

Sun screen
This will be debated forever and ever and I will not get in the middle of it. In my view, be smart. Small children should avoid the sun. Keep them away from the sun between 11-3. The other hours, let them wear UV-blocking suits. 

If you are still breastfeeding, good for you! No need to think at all.. If your child is old enough for formula, then I would take it with me, the Thai equivalents are sweet and nasty in my opinion.. If they are old enough to eat? Well great! Let them eat Thai food! Bring a mixer or buy one if you are staying for a long time. Use common sense, obviously less spicy is a good idea, avoid the saltiest and sweetest food. If you are not sure if your child is allergic to peanuts, avoid that to. Mix it with some milk and voila!  Fruit, what a great thing. Let them eat as much as they want, yeah yeah sugar yeah yeah. Fruit, freshly grown, eaten ripe =  A lot better than the stuff you get in a nestle jar and gladly serve to your children at home.. =) One thing though, pineapple, be restrictive for the youngest. It’s a fruit that might be a bit hard for their tiny undeveloped stomached to handle. Not saying never give, saying don’t let them drink pineapple shakes 3 times a day.  Fluids are also important, they will sweat more ergo need to drink more. Bottled water is the only thing you need, readily available everywhere. When they get tired of that, give them some watermelon, lots of fluid there too.. 

For the older children
Safety will here consist of paying attention to traffic, be careful with the waves and again sunscreen. I’m not too concerned with advice for older children when it comes to safety, because it’s not much different to what it will be in your own country. One thing that I want to point out though is the water, there are strong currents at both beaches but the main beach has higher waves and also stronger currents. On a windy day, you need to be careful not to swim too far out or even walk too far out. At the beaches you also have jet skis, banana boats and parasails. You need to pay attention to those to, jet skis for example apart from being involved in several scams, they are also often drive way to fast and if you are out swimming, your head might not be to visible for an oncoming jet ski.
If you happen to be in accident and need medical attention
Hua hin offers good hospital care and as a tourist I would go to either  Bangkok Hospital or San Paolo hospital.  Both offer good care, I’d say that Bangkok hospital is a bit more specialized and would be my first choice if it’s something serious, but for normal care (cuts, smaller car accidents etc). I’d use San Paulo. There are also several other options, policlinics, Red Cross and many many more but as I said, the 2 above is the first choice. 

Bangkok Hospital Hua Hin
Tel: 032 616 800
Theire webpage

Sao Paolo
Tel: 032 532576-85

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