Saturday, March 17, 2012

One last time..

There is something about old buildings that intrigues me. I never was much for modern architecture. It can be fascinating, posh, cool and quite astonishing, but to me it’s soulless when it's brand new. Perhaps it's because I grew up in Old town, where I learnt to love leaning floors, senselessly high sealings and cobble stones that are nice to look at by a nuisance to walk on? But building don’t have to be from the 15th century to get my attention, it's got a lot to do with the history of the building and the people that have passed through.
As I am a faithful supporter of one of the football teams in Stockholm, AIK, the subject of affection towards historical grounds has been brought to my attention recently. 

They are tearing down our stadium. 

Next year, the ground that is ranked amongst top 10 classical stadiums by FIFA will no longer be. We will all be moved to a modern arena, for sure more comfortable, for sure completely soulless.
RĂ¥sunda stadion, finalized in 1937, one of only 2 stadiums in the world that have hosted the final for both the men’s and women’s World Cup. The place where Sweden and Brazil played the final in the World Cup in 1958 (5-2 win for Brazil), where historical games, battles and songs have long echoed. The place that is now being torn down. 
It is a rugged stadium. It built out of, and actually has the character as well, of cement,it's nick named "Mordor" by other teams, our "fortress" by us. The place where I've been supporting my team for almost 20 years. It might be trivial, in an ever changing world, but I for one will not be able to hold back my tears when the tearing begins.
Before all this, there is however a chance for one last time of everything. The chance to vintess it all, one last time. One last time, the season premiere will be held here. We'll meet the players with chants and fireworks. One last time we will host a Derby game against a local rival. One last time we will get to follow our team on sacred ground. And hopefully, one last time, we will bring the gold medals back where they belong.
This will be documented by many, mourned by all. One of my oldest friends, Henrik, will document this through his lens and you can see the amazing pictures here.
Several short movies have also been made, 2 of my favourites are: 
If I were you, I would not miss the last of this for the world. 
Get your tickets here.

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