Thursday, March 15, 2012


I'm in love with twitter, hence I need to spread the word.
It's such a fast and effective way of communicating, gets me the latest news way ahead of even web based newspapers plus I get to check in on a lot of my friends.
That is how I stumbled upon the Curators of Sweden, an amazing idea that you can read about here and follow here. Many other countries and cities have now followed suit and I love it. The idea of getting to know a country by following people from different parts of Sweden, with very different backgrounds is amazing. Yes, naturally, it's a kind of commercial and it works, it gets people curious about the country and the fact that we so far have seen everything from the daily life of a female truck driver to a sheep farmer and a librarian really says it all. If you use twitter, don't miss this!

Absoluteapartment obviously has an account as well; however I'm afraid I can't find the time to tweet both professionally and private, (I'm after all still a med student who also run a company..) so the account is just linked to our Google+ and to our Facebook page. In the future I hope to do more, just need to find some more time for this amazing form of microblog.

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