Thursday, February 16, 2012

A love letter to our hosts!

Without our hosts, we would be nothing. Simple as that.
We tell them as often as we can what an amazing job they are doing and how important they are to us, but we can't say it often enough so let’s publish a love letter here as well!

You put up your private apartments for rent to make some extra money. Some of you are students trying to get by University without being forever in debt, some are travelers that want to give back to other travelers and some are single parents. Actually, a bit surprisingly, a lot of you are single parents, our biggest group of hosts! You simply let your apartment the week that you don't have the kids to afford to keep the apartment after a divorce, now that's just great! Some of you hosts let your apartments during the summers to afford your own vacation. And all of you are unique, responsible wonderful persons who complete strangers into your homes!

What makes up a great host is a hospitable attitude. That is the base, the fundament on which we stand. You need to like travelers. You need to be confident enough to open up your own home to stranger. You need to make them feel at home in a new city with basically no knowledge about it or the country for that matter. You need to have laid out some ground rules for the apartment, what needs to be done prior to departure and what may not occur while they stay there. You need to point them to the closest metro, grocery store and bus. And you need to like travelers of all kinds from the smallest babies that arrive sleeping to the elderly couple that need help with their luggage because they might all like to stay in your apartment

But you our wonderful hosts go beyond that. You check arrival times, help with travel advice and book taxis for your guests. You greet them at all hours of the day and night, smile in place, keys in hand. You have left coffee & tea for your guest to when they arrive, made dinner reservations, booked ferries, arranged for baby cots and strollers. You have planned anniversaries, bought roses and decorated. 

Truly amazing things that trickle back to us via our guests. That is what we call above and beyond. So again, thank you to all the hosts at Absoluteapartment, you are what we are made of!

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