Monday, February 20, 2012

Stockholm as seen by others part 1

When we stumble upon something that we think is good, we would like to share it with you. Today I got to read this: 25 reasons to go to Stockholm and decided to put together some of the links that I find helpful and have come across the last couple of weeks. A webpage that is a really good start is Visit Stockholm, they have lots of good tips and ideas with a wide range of activities to choose from. My personal favorite amongst things to do in Stockholm is to walk around and just see the city. A place that most of you who come here will visit is Old town and a good read is found here.
I love to read travel guides and articles about Stockholm, foremost because it's an eye opener into things that are so much every day to me that I've stopped noticing them, things that I would photograph and pose in front of if I would have been abroad myself. One of those things is the metro system in Stockholm. I use it daily and don't even see it. Here it's been voted one of the coolest metro systems in the world!
A page that has a little bit of everything is Vacation rentals, their section on Highly recommended really quite sums it up for me.
Picture from Stockholm Gay and Lesbian network

Stockholm is also one of the most gay friendly cities in the world, something that we are very proud of! I usually don't like to make a statement about this since it divides people into groups and that is not something I do. I think it's like saying we are one of the most human friendly cities in the world. But I am truly happy that anyone, of any couloir, sexuality or age feel welcome in Stockholm and the Stockholm Gay and Lesbian network has an excellent webpage loaded with good ideas, not to mention the amazing pictures, just look at this one to the left!

CNN had an interesting piece with the title "What's wrong with Stockholm?" well worth reading if you are heading our way. If you plan to go out drinking, bring the big bucks! 
Let call this part one, then I'll dig up some more links for you for the second part. Enjoy!

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