Monday, February 13, 2012

To start us of, some history..

It all started out when I was 5 years old. My family were on their yearly vacation, this time at Grand Canaria. After a week of warm weather, friendly people, horrible attempts at communicating in Spanish and overall just being charter tourists it was time to go back home. When my parents packed one last time, removed all the sand from the towels and got ready to head back to the hotel that we already checked out of to shower by the pool before getting on the bus to the airport, I refused to leave. I was furious, I ran towards the water outside of Mas palomas where we had been tanning all day (yes, this was during the 80s, one could do that then!) and screamed that I wasn't coming with them. I caused quite the scene then and there at the beach and then when I finally surrendered, probably due to some vague promises of ice cream, I filled my pockets with as much sand as I could fit. I'm sure my father was very happy with me at that moment.. I sulked all the way back home to a snowy and cold Stockholm, refused to put hand over my sand filled shorts and just kept on saying I didn't want to go home. 
Back in Sweden, being February, it was cold and snowy. When we finally got back to the apartment, I asked for a jar, pored all the sand into it. I placed the jar on my bedside table so that I could always dream of the endless sand and sun..
Apparently I don't remember any of this, but I've been told that this is what happened. True or not? Who cares, it makes up a good story to understand my want, no that's not a strong enough word, my need is more like it, to travel and travel. That is what has driven me around the world all these years, that made me meet all the fantastic people I've met during my trips, that always makes me long for the next airport. That is also what has driven me to start my own business in the tourist sector. I want to give something back and obviously still be able to make a living out of it. But hey, we are just at the beginning, so let’s see where this will take us!
I still have the jar by the way, it's just now filled with sand from all over the world, to keep the dream alive...

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